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The 5 Best Antivirus for Dummies

Ease-of-use in an antivirus product is of paramount importance for technophobes and novice computer users.

Here at Best Antivirus, we’ve tested all the current antivirus products aimed at consumers, and we’ve noticed huge variations in how easy it is to get to grips with each piece of software.

All good IT consultants know that many users are a little timid around technology, and don’t want to be intimidated by difficult questions and options they don’t understand. This makes this particular roundup of the five best antivirus products for dummies a little different to some of our other league tables.

Some products get the balance just right: Webroot SecureAnywhere, which tops this table, is a product we would also recommend to expert users who like to “get their hands dirty.” This is because the design of the software is perfectly balanced between simplicity and functionality. Novice users will find the installation easy, and the initial configuration is sufficiently well thought out that no one need explore the advanced options at all unless they wish to.

However, other products which have done very well in our overall league table and in several of our other roundups haven’t quite made the grade here. An example is Norton Antivirus. While this is a great product, we felt that some of the options would confuse the “technically challenged,” and, as such, we omitted it from this particular list.

We aimed for the following criteria when selecting products for this list:

1. Simple installation.

2. Good performance in our real life tests, that we are confident will protect novices from accidentally infecting their PCs.

3. Options that aren’t intimidating for beginners.

4. Good quality technical support.

As you get towards the bottom of the table, you will notice that we’ve included a couple of products that make a couple of sacrifices in return for ease-of-use, but they are still good novice choices. However, you’ll probably want to choose one of our top three suggestions.


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Winner – Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus


Positives: Our current favourite product for several good reasons

Negatives: A little expensive if you only need a single PC licence

As we discussed in the introduction, Webroot SecureAnywhere is a really well-balanced product. There are tons of advanced options there for those who want them, but the vendor makes a point of providing a default configuration that “just works.”

The installation is really quick and simple too, and our real life tests show that users of all skill levels can use this product and be really confident of their online safety.

Webroot also score full marks for customer support. As soon as you start to explore the Webroot website you receive the offer of live chat support and, for those who prefer to hear the voice of a real person, there are support phone numbers within easy reach.

SecureAnywhere has found its way to the top of almost all of our roundups, and it’s just as good “for dummies” too.

Visit Webroot

2. VIPRE Antivirus 2014

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 17.01.42

Positives: Great value, especially for a family with several PCs

Negatives: Those who wish to learn about captured viruses need to delve into the options

VIPRE Antivirus 2014 has one of the cleanest interfaces around, and it’s easy for novices to understand. It also installs without asking any taxing questions, so you can be up and running within minutes of downloading the software.

There have been some new features added to VIPRE for the 2014 version, but the vendor has resisted the temptation of cluttering the software with unnecessary options.

If you do find yourself needing extra help, it’s easy to find. There are even toll-free support numbers for several countries. However, this is software that’s so well put together, it’s unlikely you’ll get confused by anything. Highly recommended.

Visit Vipre

3. Trend Titanium Antivirus Plus 2013


Positives: Well-designed interface

Negatives: Scans slightly slowly

Titanium Antivirus Plus from Trend is another product we’re as comfortable recommending to “dummies” as we are to technical geniuses. Like our winning Webroot product, it actually offers stacks of functionality, but contains it within a well-designed and easy to use interface.

Trend made easy work of all of our test viruses, and took the decision of what to do with them out of our hands. This is perfect for technophobes who would rather avoid making decisions they don’t necessarily understand.

Trend’s performance isn’t quite up there with our roundup winners, but this is only really noticeable during full scans, so don’t be put off the product due to this small criticism – Titanium Antivirus Plus still earns our full recommendation.

Visit Titanium

4. TrustPort Antivirus 2013 Review

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 14.47.13

Positives: Clear interface, easy installation

Negatives: Support could be better

TrustPort are a Czech company, so unless you live in that part of the world, the brand may seem unfamiliar. Don’t let this put you off a product that gets ease-of-use just right, and that managed to make the top ten in our overall antivirus product roundup.

TrustPort Antivirus 2013 is a fairly basic product, but basic is exactly what many technophobes are looking for! The interface is really straightforward and attractive too, and there should be no need to go beyond the basic settings if all you require is basic protection.

The software works effectively too, and protected us from all the threats that we attempted to introduce via our infected USB memory stick.

Support for TrustPort isn’t as strong as it is for the other products on this list. We found it hard to ascertain whether we could speak to anyone on the phone. In all other respects, however, this is a perfectly decent antivirus product for beginners.

Visit Trustport

5. ParetoLogic XoftSpy Antivirus Pro

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 14.47.16

Positives: Simple and easy to use

Negatives: Vendor approach seems outdated

We’ll be honest here: ParetoLogic XoftSpy Antivirus Pro makes it onto this roundup for ease-of-use alone. Unless there’s something that particularly appeals to you about the product, we’d suggest you try one of the others higher up the list.

However, we admit to being surprised with how well XoftSpy coped in our real life tests. It actually uses the same antivirus technology as the VIPRE product at second place in this lineup. This is a bare-bones product, but it’s for that exact reason that it ends up being so easy to use.

Support is OK too: Although we couldn’t find a phone number, we did get a very quick response to an email query.

All in all then, it deserves a place in this list – but only just.

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