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By Peter Zaborszky

The 5 Best Antivirus with Free Trial

Providing a free trial is fairly standard practice for antivirus vendors. In fact, when we tested every antivirus product available for home use, there was only only one where the trial version was so “locked down” that we had to purchase it to complete our review.

This is great news for you, as a consumer. When you’re in the market for a new antivirus package, you can feel free to try out two or three with no obligation.

Another good bit of news is that modern antivirus packages tend to uninstall more cleanly than in the past. Some years ago, there were several products that could prove stubborn to remove, resulting in a real mess when you tried to move between products.

In addition, several products now conduct a thorough sweep of your PC to remove competitor’s antivirus products during installation.

While none of this means we suggest that you keep changing your antivirus product to take advantage of as many trials as possible, it does mean you’re unlikely to experience any issues trying out two or three. Do note, however, that you should NEVER try to install more than one antivirus package at a time – always uninstall one and reboot before trying another.

One other point that’s worthy of mention here is that some vendors offer a money-back guarantee alongside their free trial. Where this is the case, we have pointed it out, as it provides even more reassurance.

All of the products listed in this round-up can be freely downloaded and trialled with full functionality. They’re all great products that made top positions on our antivirus league table. You’re sure to find one that suits you perfectly.


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Winner – Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus


Positives: Loads of features, modern GUI

Negatives: Trial duration is only 14 days

We loved Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus. The vendor has clearly taken a “ground up” view of how to create a good antivirus package, and it really shows.

SecureAnywhere looks good, scans VERY fast, and includes some innovative technology such as social networking protection that scans your Twitter and Facebook page.

We’ve placed SecureAnywhere at the top of this table even though it only comes with a 14-day trial instead of the 30-day trial that most vendors choose. Webroot must think that two weeks is all it will take to persuade you to purchase the product. We’d be inclined to agree.

Visit Webroot

2. VIPRE Antivirus 2014

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 17.01.42

Positives: Great value subscription options

Negatives: “Lean and mean” rather than feature-packed

VIPRE Antivirus 2014 is a fairly straightforward product. While many vendors aim to provide long features lists and cutting-edge technology, VIPRE keep things relatively simple. The vendor has, however, added a few new “bells and whistles” for the 2014 version.

This isn’t a bad thing, however. The antivirus technology is still fast and effective, and the program made quick work of all of our test threats.

If you’re one of those people who likes to keep everything on your PC fast and slick, this is the antivirus product for you.

The trial version of VIPRE works for 30 days, and you just need an email address to sign up.

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3. ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 14.49.59

Positives: Plenty of extras including free online backup

Negatives: RAM usage rather excessive during scans

ZoneAlarm are perhaps best known in the IT industry for their free firewall software, but they have now branched out into antivirus too. The good news is that they’ve made a very good job of it!

ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall makes for a compelling package, especially when you consider that you’re getting a good commercial firewall product as well as AV protection. The 5GB of free online backup is tempting too.

Pricing for ZoneAlarm is very generous too, thanks to a money-off offer. This was on the vendor website when we conducted our review and remains there some time after, so it’s fair to assume the very competitive pricing is a permanent fixture.

ZoneAlarm’s free trial last 30 days, and the vendor complements it with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Visit ZoneAlarm

4. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 16.58.20

Positives: Good support, suitable for all skill levels

Negatives: Slightly pricey

Trend is another vendor that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 30-day free trial.

We found plenty to admire about Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus: the feature set is rich, and includes antispam and social networking protection. In addition, the user interface is one of best we’ve seen – wonderfully simple for novices, but with a multitude of advanced options accessible to the techies.

Although Trend’s pricing is a little high, the product is worth the money, and you get the kind of support you should expect from a major vendor as part of the deal. It’s no surprise Trend is much loved amongst the technical community.

Visit TrendMicro

5. Norton AntiVirus 2014

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 16.52.06

Positives: Low resource use, extensive features

Negatives: Interface pleasant, but could be simpler

As long term-techies we are surprised to find ourselves raving about Norton. Some years ago the product had a run of bad press, and became so bloated that it become solely responsible for the slow running of many entry-level PCs.

Symantec have responded well to the criticism. Norton Antivirus is back to being a great product. We can’t help wishing the vendor would ease a little off the buzzwords when describing the product online, but the software is effective and lives up to the hype.

Norton’s free trial lasts 30-days, which should be plenty of time to convince you that this is a major advance on the “old school” Norton. If you decide to go on and purchase it, it’s worthwhile looking out for the inevitable offers and enticements, as Norton’s pricing can prove a little inconsistent.

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