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The 5 Best Antivirus for Mac

It’s long been debated whether or not antivirus protection is truly essential for those using Apple Mac computers.

There are two main arguments that support the case that Mac users needn’t worry too much about antivirus:

1. As Macs have a much smaller share of the computer market, hackers are more inclined to target Windows PCs.

2. The Mac OS X operating system is based on a UNIX platform that is inherently more secure in operation that Windows.

Unfortunately, these points are becoming increasingly easy to argue against. Firstly, the Mac market share is increasing all the time, so it’s inevitable that cyber-criminals will begin to target Mac users.

Secondly, the inherent security of Mac OS X becomes largely irrelevant in terms of the modern methods hackers now use. Mac users are equally vulnerable to phishing attacks and identity theft.

So, if you are risk-averse and use a Mac, it’s worthwhile to consider installing an antivirus product. Antivirus vendors clearly realise this, as most have now added Mac versions to their product ranges.

In this “top five” roundup, we recommend five well-renowned antivirus products for the Mac. Please note that, at the time of writing, we have yet to review every Mac antivirus product on the market as we have been concentrating on creating extensive coverage of Windows antivirus products. However, our roundup has been created following extensive research of the Internet security marketplace. You can therefore count on any of the products in this list to provide extra peace of mind while you use your Mac online.

It is, however, important to note that personal preference plays a part in choosing any software. When vendors are selling products to thousands (or millions) of people, there will always be some who are dissatisfied.

One further point worthy of note is that many Mac antivirus packages also detect Windows viruses. This is important for two reasons: Firstly, they prevent your Mac “carrying” viruses that could infect Windows users that share files with you or operate on the same network. Secondly, as many Mac users also run Windows, either via Bootcamp or a virtual machine program, they can prevent infections from moving between the environments.


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Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 16.48.07 90% Read Review Visit Site


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Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.49.47 82% Read Review Visit Site


Winner – Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 16.48.07

Positives: Plenty of features to counter various different Web-based threats

Negatives: There are cheaper (or free) options for those who don’t want so much functionality

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is a very comprehensive package, and one with a decent online reputation.

The vendor has clearly taken note of the fact that threats to Mac users come from various directions, and there is, if anything, more emphasis on things like anti-phishing protection and URL advisory than there is on traditional viruses.

Even so, the software doesn’t scrimp on basic virus protection either: While most of the best Mac antivirus products also scan for Windows viruses (to prevent you inadvertently infecting a Windows user by passing one on), Kaspersky’s product scans for Linux threats too.

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2. Sophos Antivirus for Mac v9


Positives: Completely free protection

Negatives: Fewer features than some commercial products

It’s slightly strange that Sophos provide a free antivirus product for home Mac users, as the vendor effectively ignores home-based Windows users, preferring to concentrate on products aimed at businesses.

Still, it’s not for us to debate the company’s logic, and if you’re not completely convinced that you need antivirus on your Mac, the ability to choose a product from a well-renowned vendor and pay nothing for it should make the decision a little easier.

Although Sophos Antivirus for Mac isn’t the most fully-featured Mac security product, it covers all the basics, and promises to remove “viruses, Trojans and worms.” It has a good online reputation, and many users compliment its low resource usage.

Also, like all the best Mac products, it also detects Windows viruses that could be lurking on your Mac waiting to infect an unsuspecting Windows user, or indeed one of your Windows virtual machines.

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3. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus for Mac


Positives: Includes protection for iOS devices as well as your Mac

Negatives: Slightly pricey

The Windows version of Webroot SecureAnywhere did extremely well in our tests, and the Mac version is an equally well-conceived product.

SecureAnywhere Antivirus for Mac has the same focus on fast performance and low resource usage. The vendor also promises that the product deals well with recent Mac-specific threats such as the widely-publicised “Flashback Trojan.”

Another thing we like about this product is the fact that Webroot include a free copy of SecureWeb from iTunes with each purchase, which can be used to protect iPhones and iPads from malware.

Although Webroot’s products are not the cheapest, it is worthy of note that some of the vendor’s multi-PC licenses allow use of a mixture of the Mac and Windows versions, making this an ideal product for a mixed platform household.

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4. Intego Mac Internet Security 2013


Positives: Reassurance of dealing with an Apple-specific vendor

Negatives: Limited configuration options

Intego Mac Internet Security 2013 is different from the other products in this round-up for a significant reason: Intego ONLY make Internet security products for the Apple platform.

As such, you would expect them to get things right, and largely they do: The interface is perhaps the most “Mac-like” of them all, and the product provides both antivirus protection and an advanced firewall, in the form of Net Barrier 2013.

Even though this is a Mac product, it’s scanning facilities are set up to also detect Windows viruses. As an added benefit, it’s also possible to add on a low-cost licence for Panda Antivirus if you also use Windows on your Mac via Bootcamp or a virtual machine.

Intego Mac Internet Security 2013 isn’t cheap, but it’s a comprehensive package, and one that will appeal to the Mac purists out there.

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5. eSet Cyber Security

Positives: Lots of advanced features

Negatives: Rather a lot for novices to understand

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.49.47

eSet Cyber Security for Mac is a comprehensive package, which includes parental controls and a firewall, alongside comprehensive antivirus features.

The user interface is clean and well-designed, but some online reviewers say that configuration can get tricky once you move beyond the more basic options. This is something the Mac version has in common with the Windows version!

Still, this is a good Mac solution, which is well priced when you consider the additional functionality (assuming, of course, that it is of interest).

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Rank Provider Score Review Link


Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 16.48.07 90% Read Review Visit Site


Sophos 88% Visit Site


Logo 87% Read Review Visit Site


Intego 85% Visit Site


Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.49.47 82% Read Review Visit Site


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